The Session

Before You Bake

Achieving a flawless tan starts with the proper prep. First you’ll want to shower, shave and exfoliate the skin two to twelve hours before your scheduled appointment time. Avoid any oil based exfoliants, we love St. Tropez Body Polish.

Exfoliation is crucial! You’ll want to remove any dead skin so that we are applying your custom tan to new, even skin. We ask for the two to twelve hour window because some people exfoliate harshly which can cause scratches on the skin’s surface. These hours allow the skin to ‘heal’ so that the tan develops evenly.

Any waxing, sugaring, manicure, pedicure, or massage should be done BEFORE your spray tan.

Arrive to your appointment with clean skin. No lotion, deodorant, or perfume! Wear something dark and loose fitting to the appointment, something that is easy to take on and off. Flip flops work best if weather permits. Raining on your tanning day? Make sure to grab and umbrella!


When you arrive to your appointment you will meet with your tantress who will conduct a brief skin assessment and discuss the color you’re looking to achieve.

Once in the spray room we will go over all of the equipment with you, provide you with protection for the bottom of the feet, give you a shower cap for your hair, and provide you with nose filters. We will then step out to mix your color, at which time you will undress. You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in for the application of the tan.

We will apply a toner if requested, followed by a cream to protect your palms from staining. The entire application should take five to ten minutes.

We will wipe the palms and add an aloe powder to the skin after the tan is applied. Upon checkout our desk concierge will go over all of the rules you need to properly maintain your new glow.

After You're Baked

Our Quickie and Organic tans have two different set times. Set time is the time between the spray tan application and the time you’re able to rinse. During this time there is no getting wet at all.

  • No washing your hands.
  • No crying.
  • No raindrops.
  • No sweating.
  • No doing dishes. ( You get it. )

First shower should be lukewarm, not too hot. Avoid any dove soap and bar soap. Sulfate free soap will work best with your tan. We carry a mini and full-sized shower gel which formulated to protect and extend your tan. During that first shower you will see brown rinsing off, that is not your tan but a guiding bronzer.

Make sure to keep the skin moisturized as this will help the tan last longer and fade evenly. SPF should be oil free, paraben free, and PABA free. We carry a full line of sunscreen that has been tested with our tans.

Enjoy your GLOW!

Any other questions? Give us a call at 267-639-4022 or visit our FAQs page.