Baked uses a variety of brands in a number of shades to customize each and every one of our tans. Never tested on animals, our formulas work with the skin creating a customized shade of bronze every time!

Organic Tan

Our most popular tan, the organic line is available in a number of shades ranging from a sunkissed glow to a deep bronze. Combining breakthrough technology with nutrient-rich botanicals, these solutions give you a natural looking faux tan in a quick dry application. Unlinke most spray tans, our organic is a vitamin E and aloe vera base, so wait just eight hours before showering. Technology binds intense color to the skin for never before seen longevity and offers the smoothest, most even fade. With proper maintenance our organic tan lasts nine to twelve days.

Full Body $50.00
Full Body with Toner $55.00
5 Full Body Sprays with Toner $220.00

Quickie Tan

Our natural and organic based formula is now available to wash and wear in as little as one hour. Now you can achieve the same brilliant results you have come to expect with supersonic speed and convenience. No more having to wait for hours for your tan to develop. Our quick dry formula can be rinsed in one to four hours depending on the desired look. With proper maintenance will last seven to nine days.

Full Body $60.00
Full Body with Toner $65.00
5 Full Body Sprays with Toner $270.00

Twice Baked

Twice Baked is a term used for two airbrush sessions within 48 hours. It’s recommended when you’d like very dark results. Instead of spraying you a shade that may be too dark to look natural, two sessions using a medium shade will achieve deep, dark color

Classic $60.00
Organic $90.00
Quickie $110.00


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